About me

Hugo A. Roele

"Think of something naughty", the photographer said.

I am Hugo A. Roele, man, father of 3 boys. I was born in 1967 in The Hague and currently live in a simple house in Enschede (NL) filled with music, art, several pieces of furniture I made myself and a garden that offers me sun, beauty, peace and tasteful fruit.

I’m a lucky man. Life has always given me the people, methods, tools and skills to handle the sometimes fierce challenges in my life. When my oldest son Daniël got leukaemia, I’d just finished an international 9-Day training in NVC. I had learned how to find and formulate, what I needed, handle the special challenges his life threatening illness created and had a large pool of people, who knew how to support others and - in that period of my life - me. The challenges I have faced in my life were big, the resources even bigger. Now I dedicate my life to use my experience to support others as I:

And often a combination of all. Where will we meet?

Thoughts I often use

I found the following thoughts very useful and I still often use them in my work and life:


Some facts are not very important yet fun and/or interesting to know anyway.


I've described myself using all kinds of lists, containing jobs I've done, things I do, important life events, qualities or as above quotes and trivia. Under Links you can find several of these lists including my professional past on LinkedIn, my Facebook-page and several other projects I'm involved in.