"What will you discover when you explore your inner world?"

I aim that my work has lasting impact. The first result I see, are that clients are more relaxed and trustful at the end of a meeting than they were at the beginning. A few weeks after a session when the new reality has been put to the test, I've see and heard some examples of what changed in the life of my clients, that still surprise me. This page shows some of the things people have written about their experience with transformative listening.

I aim for progress

"My experience with this constellation was very positive. I gained insights in my situation and felt much stronger at the end."
(A.W. after an online constellation)

"I loved the constellation we did a few years ago. Would really like to do another one at some point."
(I.B. after a one-on-one live constellation).

"I wanted the quadrangle to turn left! I would very much love to continue working with the one we began and as you know the system has already shifted since our creation. Amazing work on describing how constellations work!"
(R.P. several weeks after an online constellation).

"It was a powerful and important experience when you played my father. Your intuition was often accurate and I gained some valuable insight. I would like to be able to work with you again in this way in the future."
(M.W. several years after I had played his father in a roleplay).

"The constellation you did with ME was amazing. I still Jeep on thinking of it and it helpes ME so much in order to feel strength in my new role as mother. The description (of family constellation) describes what I experienced even though its hard to describe (smile) thank you so much Hugo!"
(E.N. several months after online constellation we did, when she was pregnant from her first child).