I Create


"What would make things easier and more beautiful for you?"

The things I create can be roughly divided into:

I like to make life more beautiful

I've used writing to clarify, heal and 'entertain' and often a combination of all three of them. Writing the Book of Needs and its predecessor 'Wat willen ze nou eigenlijk?' ('What is it, they really want?') allowed me to get clarity about communication and specifically listening. It has been a creative proces in which I explored concepts from several different methods (including NVC) and found many new ideas and insight doing so. The model and insights give me a comprehensive handbook, that is the solid backbone behind my tools and training courses.

The FREE E-book 'Converations with the Enemy' was at first for me a way to 'heal' and 'support' myself, when the Leukeamia of my oldest son Daniël became more and more life threatening. Writing helped me to come to a place beyond pain and fear, where there was even beauty and joy. Later I put much effort in making it a - I believe - magical story for others. I've heard from several people, that it supported them in similar situations.