I Train


"Which skill would you like to let grow??"

I offer two major fields of training:

Which skills do you want to train?

Communication with Needs combines my experience as 'professional' listener, the insights I got about 'listening' from writing the Book of Needs and the many Tools I developed to ease and improve communication. These training courses are strongly inspired by NVC first developed by Marshall Rosenberg. 30 years of experience in Improvisation Theatre turned out to enhance the quality of communication in many ways. It's one of the reasons why I often combine elements of both types of training courses.

Do you have a specific topic you'd like to addres?

My wide range of professional and personal experiences allow me to combine these two major field with a variety of topics. I've been giving trainings about communication in times of sickness and death (inspired by what I needed, when my oldest son got ill), bullying of teenagers, gender issues, age issues, leadership, trauma and sexuality.