My Offer

Hugo A. Roele

Transformative Listening can be done in many different places. I've even done a family constellation driving in a car from Bruxelles back home. Online sessions are often as powerful as live sessions. This allows me to offer my work even when people live on the other side of the world. What do you prefer?

Your place, mine or online?

I aim to have sessions of approximately 1 hour each. It's my experience however, that Transformative Listening often requires flexbility about time to get the best results. Most of the times this means several minutes more. Sometimes less time, when the issue at hand has been sufficiently covered and a natural ending occurs.

You are worth it

Considering the results of Transformative Listening and the prices other people ask for similar work, I think my work is worth at least 120 Euro per hour. This amount reflects the time and effort I put into my sessions including the investment I've made and keep making in skills and personal development in order to do my work. It also allows me to continue doing this work. At the same time I firmly believe in solutions that balance the needs of both you and me. I don't know your financial situation. The value here are therefore an indication and negotiable if you feel you have good reasons to offer me less and/or something else in return for my services and time.

Tell me what you can offer me

  Value per hour Minimum per hour
Individual session 120 Euro 70 Euro
Couples session 140 Euro 80 Euro

This price indication is for a session at my home or online. For other locations extra costs will be charged to cover my travelling expenses and time. Private consults are including VAT. Business consults are excluding VAT. For business sessions outside of the Netherlands, this could mean without VAT, depending on your organisation and country.

15 minute intake is free

A 15 minute intake is often enough to see what you want, what I can offer and which financial arrangement will suit both of us. Contact me to explore what we could do together to get closer to the person you want to be in work, life and love.